Our history

The name Trinity Families was launched in early 2014 but our history dates back to 1997 when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sale Charitable Fund was established by the late Bishop Jeremiah Coffey who saw the great need to assist families who were struggling to access support programs.

It was felt that rather than hold an annual appeal and then disburse the money raised, it would better to build a solid trust fund so donations could go on giving year after year.

It was discovered that national charities raised vast amounts of money in the region each year but the residents gained little benefit because most of these charities provided few programs within the region. It was decided that disbursements would only be made to programs operating in Gippsland and the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne to ensure the maximum benefit for those in need.

Over the past decade the charitable fund, initially known as Bishop’s Family Foundation, has raised more than $2 million and from its investments has been able to fund other charities more than $1.7 million to run programs serving families.

Projects funds have included:

  • Family and patient accommodation for patients receiving chemotherapy and other treatment at Latrobe Regional Hospital
  • subsidised or free family counselling,
  • family support services,
  • early intervention programs for youth at risk,
  • volunteer support programs,
  • suicide prevention programs,
  • respite care,
  • drug and alcohol counselling,
  • providing school breakfasts for children who are not fed at home,
  • youth leadership programs,
  • no interest loan schemes,
  • training for palliative carers,
  • parenting programs,
  • emergency accommodation
  • bushfire relief etc . 

While most of the initial donations came from the Catholic community of Gippsland, allocation of funds has been to a wide variety of charities, including those of other religious denominations. We are committed to meeting the needs of families to ensure the best provision of services possible.

The decision was made in late 2013 that the charitable fund should be relaunched with a new name and logo. Trinity Families was chosen and is now spreading its wings outside the Catholic Church to harness the generosity of many more people and businesses who operate in the region.

It is hoped to raise the amount of money held in the trust fund over the next few years, which will enable Trinity to make larger disbursements to better service the needs of families.
Moreover, a successful Trinity Families will mean charities operating in Gippsland will be able to reduce the amount of fundraising they do and spend more time getting on with the programs they run to assist those in need.