How we operate

Trinity Families is a charitable fund which operates to serve other charities supporting families in the Greater Gippsland area. It does not run programs itself but operates like a philanthropic trust to provide funding.

Donations made to Trinity Families are invested and it is the earnings from these investments which become available for disbursement each year.

Applications for funding now close at the end of September. The application form relevant to each year’s funding will be available at the start of July. An advisory committee meets to assess each application and recommends to the trustees how to best allocate available funds. Normally all applicants can expect to be advised of their success or otherwise in early October, and funds will be made available shortly afterwards.

An important part of Trinity Families’ operations is to receive feedback on the projects it funds and successful applicants must agree to provide this report before funds are released.

Trinity Families has Deductible Gift Recipient status which means that all donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible. As part of being a public ancillary fund, monies held can only be distributed to other charities holding similar DGR status and our books are fully audited to ensure this is maintained. This secures against the possibility of funds being  given to individuals or other purposes than originally intended. Also Trinity Family funds are held in separate bank accounts, at arms length from any other Catholic Church accounts so that there can be no doubt that the money is being used only for charitable purposes and not to prop up other Church activities.

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