Meaning of the Trinity Families logo

The Trinity Families logo features the ancient symbol known as the triquetra.

The symbol is known from some ancient rune stones in Germany which date back thousands of years but is mainly associated with Celtic spirituality where it is often drawn with an interwoven circle.

In pre-Christian Celtic times it was seen as a never-ending triple loop signifying past, present and future, and also possibly of life, death and rebirth. The arrival of Christianity in Ireland saw the triquetra knot adopted as the symbol of the Trinitarian faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In adopting the triquetra, Trinity Families acknowledges its Christian origins within the Catholic Diocese of Sale but also sees the symbol as an expression of the three stages of life which it serves in its charitable works – children, adults and the aged.

The Trinity Family triquetra is drawn pointing upwards, to signify aspiring to great works, and sits firmly on two loops to signify its sound base.

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